H CH Nyitramenti Great Pretender Nyitramenti Barrister
D CH Quincey Jones of Slatestone Pelido Kings Counsel
Baden Court Day Dream
H CH Nyitramenti Olimpian Super Star H CH Knight Rambler of Beiin Mhor
Delbar Simply Special GB CH Lanteague Harvest Moon at Silvermoor Lanteague Golden Harvest
Lanteague Golden Harvest
Delbar Girl Friday Delbar Drillmaster
Amalie Such Fantasy at Delbar

Rus CH

Rus CH Snow Stail Brake Through Gallagher of
Loveling Star
Brilyn Dirty Den
Saucie Sally at Brilyn
Int, Rus CH
Pure Taste
Int, F CH Brilyn Double Ace
H CH Claredawn Stars in Her Eyes

Int.CH, Rus, Ua CH

CH Emryks Master Thomas Dolen Double Brandy At Brilyn
Emryks Love In The Mist
Rus.CH, HPGY, Res.WW Nyitramenti Victress of Snow Hills Lynway Sun Charger
Int, Rus CH Nyitramenti Pure Taste