Shavals Fire Classic At Craigycor

Shavals Fire Classic At Craigycor

CH AM Ninacorte Star Caster at Woodhengev

CH AM Renefield SportscasterRenefield Sportscaster CH Renefield Sport Coat
CH Renefield Paula Quite Polite

CH Woodhenge Sun Maiden
Woodhenge Sun Maiden

ENG CH Woodhenge Star Voyager
Eng. Ch. Powdermill All in Gold

ENG CH Shavals Fire Odyssey
Shavals Fire Odyssey

CH Stonecroft's Second Stage
Stonecroft's Second Stage

AM CAN CH Jade Tree Penway Up Country
CAN CH Stonecrofts Simply Sassy
Shavals Fire Bird
ENG CH Woodhenge Star Voyager
Belroyd The Avocet At Shavals

IRISH CH Whitepoint Louisiana

Whitepoint Louisiana

CH Elfwish Leprechaun at Craigycor
Elfwish Leprechaun at Craigycor

INT.CH Hum'nbird Valedictorian
Hum'nbird Valedictorian

CH Larchmonts Hum'n Bird Hum
CH Beaukays Double Deligh
CH Elfwish Lyleth
Elfwish Lyleth
CH Elfwish Elliot
CH Elfwish Black I'd Suzan
Whitepoint Evita Сourtlyn Chopin Courtlyn Cyclone
Courtlyn Calamity Jane
Whitepoint Royal Heart CH Pemland High Command
Strands of Gold at Ermyn