OUR NEWS - 2008

We glad to share ouw news about show successes of our dogs and their offspring.

21of December at International Dog show in Samara, judge A.Zhuk (Byelarus)
Whitepoint Orlando Bloom - "Levi" - CAC,CACIB, BIG-1, BIS-4

14 of December in Kyiv (Ukraine) at International Dog show "CRYSTAL CUP":
- Laif Spring Pastoral "Patty"

7th of December at show in Krasnodar, judge Patrina,
Laif Spring Ringo
- BJ, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-1
ow. Natalia Dvadnenko, Krasnodar

15th of November at International Dog show in Minsk (Belarus) "BONO" - Craigycor Vertigo - CAC, CACIB, judge - V. Verbitsky
16th of November at International Dog show in Minsk (Belarus) "BONO" repeated his result - CAC, CACIB, judge: O. Kozhevnikova

Craigycor Vertigo

Craigycor Vertigo

Craigycor Vertigo

Craigycor Vertigo

26th of October in Krasnoyarsk at All-Russian CAC Show (judge - L. Smirnova) -

Laif Spring Siberia Sensation won

in age of not full 11 month.

Owner: Marina Bolotina, Krasnoyarsk

EUROPEAN DOG SHOW (05.10.2008, Hungary)
Judge PETER FRICKE - Germany.

In the intermediate class :

Laif Spring London - 3rd excellent
Laif Spring Lady in Black - 2nd excellent

24th of May in Moscow was the NATIONAL CORGI SHOW with more than 120 entries. Judge - breed specialist from Austria EDITH SOLTESZ ("Colwyn")
We are very excited by our results
  • Laif Spring Snow Tiger baby dog
    2nd, very promising
  • Laif Spring Secret Love baby bitch
    2nd, very promising
Laif Spring Secret Love
  • Hum'Nbird So Nice puppy bitch
    very promising
Hum'Nbird So Nice
  • Laif Spring Red Rose puppy bitch very promising
  • Craigycor Vertigo intermediate dog
    1st excellent, sert.Cand.Nat.Club CH
Craigycor Vertigo
  • Laif Spring London intermediate dog excellent, CC
  • Laif Spring Queen Black intermediate bitch
    1st excellent, sert.Cand.Nat.Club CH
Laif Spring Queen Black
  • Laif Spring Lamborgini intermediate bitch
    2nd excellent, CC
Laif Spring Lamborgini
  • Fairy's Gift Sunflower open bitch
    1st excellent, sert.Cand.Nat.Club CH
Fairy's Gift Sunflower
  • In Best Kennels - Laif Spring - 2nd place
Best Brood Bitch our Fairy's Gift Sunflower!
Fairy's Gift Sunflower

9th February at CAC Show "Fauna" Craigycor  Vertigo "BONO" won CAC, BD, BOB, CH.RKF - and completed Rus.CH.

19th of January at CAC show "Odintsovo", Moscow region - judge E.Mazina
  • Craigycor  Vertigo "BONO" - CAC, Best Dog
  • Andvol Mylady - CAC
  • Laif Spring Lilu (ow. Elena Toropova) - J.CAC,  Best Junior, BOB

At CAC show "PRIDE" - judge R. Homasuridze

  • Craigycor  Vertigo " BONO " -  CAC, BD,
  • Andvol Mylady - CAC, Best Bitch
  • Laif Spring Lilu - J.CAC, Best Junior
    Lilu finished her title Jun.Rus.CH
Laif Spring Lilu

  • "SAM" - Craigycor Dream Quest - 6th of January in Kazakhstan at International Dog Show - CACIB, Kz CH and finished his title INTERCHAMPION


  • "BOB" - Whitepoint Bob Marley - become Russian Champion